CAT Or GMAT? With 3 Years Work Experience

There has been an increase in the numbers of professionals in the country who are lured by management careers. It’s understandable since it’s rewarding and offers them much improved job profiles. If you have 3 years work experience, the question is how to make it work to your advantage, and which exam to choose to get into the best colleges?

The CAT and GMAT are undoubtedly the two most popular entrance tests for admissions in the best colleges in the country. GMAT also offers you an opportunity to gain admissions for top programs in foreign universities. Choosing between the tests is not just about picking one that is easier but the exam that is best suited for your interests.

Crucial factors that can help you make your decision

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Choosing between the CAT and GMAT can be a tricky proposition and it has to be a carefully thought out decision. We have created a list of factors that you should take into account before you opt for either of the tests.

The changing scenario

There has been a rapid rise in candidates taking the GMAT in the country in the last few years, which has coincided with the decline in the numbers of CAT takers. Firstly, more B Schools in India accept GMAT scores today. Your work experience also holds a lot of importance with GMAT, which is an added advantage.

Admissions to top colleges

If you aspire to pursue your management programs from the IIMs or FMS then you need to appear for the CAT. B Schools like ISB, S P Jain accept GMAT Scores, which can also get you entry into B Schools abroad. If you want to gain entry into specific programs offered by certain colleges then you need to take the test accordingly.

Think of your future goals

Do you wish to settle abroad after completing your MBA? Given your experience do you prefer to pursue a reputed one year program like the one at ISB to fast track your future career? If the answer to these questions is Yes then GMAT would be the right choice for you. However taking the CAT can similarly drive you towards specific career goals.

Hallmarks of the test

CAT can be taken once a year and your scores are valid for the forthcoming year. Results are declared on the specified date. GMAT can be taken up to five times a year with a 31 day waiting period, the results are instant and scores valid for up to five years. Scheduling issues have to be factored in while choosing the test.

Irrespective of the test you choose, you need to give it your best shot to boost your prospects with the top B Schools in the country and abroad.

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