CAT vs GMAT Syllabus and Difficulty Level

In India, Common Admission Test (CAT) is the mechanism used by top-ranked Indian B-schools for choosing candidates for their PGP courses in Business and Management. On the other hand, Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a globally accepted test having recognition in major business schools of USA, Asia, and Europe for Management aspirants. GMAT has duration of three and half hours covering an adaptive test format. The sections and level of difficulty also vary in both these tests. Due to their significance, most of the Indian students remain in a quandary to choose between these two.

Here is a comprehensive CAT vs GMAT comparison broken down in various sections

Verbal Ability:

In both these exams, verbal ability of candidates is assessed on varied parameters. CAT lays more focus on vocabulary and comprehension while GMAT is reasoning-oriented with emphasis on reading a comprehension, understanding and appraising the arguments given therein and lastly, rectifying it with standard English language.

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Quantitative Ability:

The syllabus for Quant is almost similar in both these tests. Usually, they differ in terms of difficulty level. While quant is lengthy and complex in CAT, it is quite tricky in GMAT. CAT’s syllabus for this section includes number systems, probability, geometry, trigonometry, quadratic equations, linear equations, permutation combination, etc. GMAT’s syllabus also includes the same topics from algebra, arithmetic, and geometry. It can be safely said that if you study hard for CAT Quant, you stand a better chance to do well in GMAT as well.

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Data Interpretation Vs Integrated Reasoning:

CAT gives much more impetus to Data Interpretation as compared with Integrated Reasoning or IR in GMAT. DI section in CAT covers topics like analysis and interpretation of data on the basis of Venn diagrams, charts, graphs, tables, and text. IR section also has a similar format where candidates are required to develop significant information based on data provided. It has questions based on graphical interpretation, two-part analysis, multisource reasoning, and table analysis.

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AWA or Analytical Writing Assessment:

This section, also known as Essay section, is unique to GMAT. It requires test-takers to analyze a situation based on the content provided and make a critical assessment in the form of essay. It carries a total score of 6. However, there is no such section in CAT.

It can be concluded by saying that GMAT has simpler course content as compared to CAT but it lays more stress on IQ and mental sharpness instead of conceptual knowledge. Both have their own merits and demerits that you must assess before taking any of these.

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