CNN Columnists You Can Follow

CNN is arguably the most well known American news network in the world. While people from all over the globe tune into news on the TV channel, its online coverage attracts a large number of eyeballs too. What adds to the appeal is the long list of expert columnists who share their opinions on varied topics that are current and crucial.

If you want to broaden your horizons and get an insight into the world as it is today then there are a few columnists from the network that you need to follow. Irrespective of your area of interest, their writing can also help you boost your reading along with skills of expressing your thoughts coherently.

Here are some of the columnists from CNN that you can read

  • John D. Sutter – He is an award winning columnist from the network who writes on issues including environment, human rights and income inequality. He is known to involve readers in the storytelling process, which reflects in his columns. As a reader, it doesn’t get more involved than this for you.
  • Jarrett Bellini – Who said all columns and opinion pieces have to be heavy and serious reading. This CNN humor columnist drives his point home through pieces that are light and at times, exceptionally funny. Writing on current trends, travel and politics, his inimitable style for the column “Apparently this Matters” makes it an enjoyable read.
  • Julian Zelizer – If American politics interests you then Mr. Zelizer’s opinion pieces should be on your “things to read” list. He is the author and editor of various books that examine American policies and leaders. Just like his books, opinions he pens down for the network are well received and appreciated.
  • LZ Granderson – Probably the most popular voices on the sports field, Mr. Granderson is a much loved and admired columnist. His CNN column talks about social and cultural issues that are impacting the way of life in the US. You might recount his column on clothing choices for young girls that had close to 3 million page views.
  • Philip Mudd – It’s not very often that you would be reading columns written by an ex CIA man. That’s why Philip Mudd, a counterterrorism analyst with CNN, is such a unique voice with his columns. He has held several crucial positions all over the world, is an author and known for his refreshing perspectives on current issues.

There are many other well known and popular CNN columnists, who offer brilliant reads, that you can choose based on your interests.

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