Do I join Coaching to crack the GMAT?

You really don’t need to join any institute to score big on the GMAT.


Then how is it then that the prep institutes of the world are really running the business? Well it is pretty simple. If you know what you are letting yourself into -there are 3 things that you should be clear about when selecting one. Let us see it from a 20-20 IPL cricket perspective:


1. Coach/Mentor – you want a coach who has been there and done that to tell you where you are going wrong, what aspects you should focus on etc. The coach essentially sees things from a larger perspective so when you are struggling with that extra tough RC question, he is able to find a flaw in your reading technique. When you are figuring out why your raw scores are meandering in the mid-40s in quant he can tell you how to spike it up by a few precious points. It is simple – the same reason you need a coach/mentor in your professional career to tell you how to plan the next move in your career progression.

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2. Captain – you need a Dhoni to instill confidence and tell you the strategy to apply for a particular section (game) and tell you how to maximize your potential and aptitude to score well on the d-day (crunch match). There is again no magic pill, no silver bullets – just plain common sense at work from someone who is more experienced.


3. Support staff – just as the players need to work on their fitness (mental and physical), have good practice sessions, so do you – as a test-taker, need the all important practice to be sure you are dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s to make sure you are your ready for the big day game – improving constantly but surely.


But, my friends, it is a game that only YOU to have to play. At the end of the day all the coaches, captains and support staff of the world cannot make you score without YOUR hardwork, dedication and smartness. You will have to talk the talk and walk the walk. There are no two ways about it.


So introspect hard and ask yourself this question – do I have it in me to hack it alone. Let me assure you that many of the people who have scored the big 770s and 780s have done it alone and with only the OG! So if you think you have it in you to do it and the wherewithal to seek support and guidance (from forums and others who have taken the test) then by all means do it alone. No test prep is needed.


– If you feel that sifting through the reams of material is too tough for you to hack

– If you feel that you need to be kept on the straight and narrow

– If you feel that you need that extra motivation to get you out of the inertia/rut you are stuck in,

then don’t bother about the money – go for a good quality coaching institute.

Some aspects you should check for in a good institute:

1. Good faculty – not just high GMAT scores but a proven ability to teach and mentor.

2. Good material – though I maintain OG is always the bible, if you are able to get something to supplement your studies and help you get your approach corrected.

3. Good support structure – post-class room you should have the help and assistance to take you all the way up till the GMAT.

If you are assured of the above and can talk to a few students who can recommend it then I think you should sign-up. Especially considering that the eventual investment for an MBA program abroad can run up to over 65 lakhs – not counting the 2 years of lost income

Hope this helps,


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