Do you need an MBA Admissions Consultant?

About a third of business school applicants are relying on the services of MBA admissions consultants. It is easy to understand the reasons for hiring an admissions consultant. At a time when admissions are highly competitive, any factor that gives an edge to applications are always welcome.

An MBA admissions consultant can offer a lot of advantages to applicants. Thanks to their experience and watchful eyes, they can improve opportunities of selection at your preferred business school. A good application can save you the cost of reapplication later. Moreover, a stronger application can be your gateway to scholarships. Finally, hiring an MBA admissions consultant takes a lot of the headaches away from the application process. Usually, admissions consultants sort you out through the mess of application components, deadlines and other related areas.

Of course, there are drawbacks to hiring an admissions consultant as well. With the already high costs of taking exams and filling in applications, admissions consultants can be an additional financial burden on the student. Good MBA admissions consultants can come at quite a high cost ranging from a few hundred dollars to even thousands of dollars. Of course, it depends on the package and structure you opt for.

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Another common issue students have with consultants is that they tend to lose their own voice while incorporating advice from consultants. Typically, students seek services for essays, resume and interviews. These are areas which need your own personal thought and reflection. Losing your own voice will not keep you in good stead during the interviews.

A common misconception among many applicants is that hiring a consultant is akin to outsourcing your application process to someone else. Remember that it is a partnership. A consultant is not an essay writing machine. The best consultants offer advice and point out gaps in your application which you need to address yourself. Good consultants help students express themselves, and not work for them.

Do you need an MBA admissions consultant? Well, that’s for you to answer. A good MBA admissions consultant will almost always be an advantage helping you polish your application further and improving your chances of admission. A good consultant also motivates you during the application process. A bad selection can work against you. Do your research well before hiring admissions consultants. Even if you do not opt for one, it is perfectly fine. If you already have good GMAT scores and GPA numbers, along with a strong application, you probably do not need an admissions consultants. In fact, many students that have successfully completed MBA programs from the top business schools have never even seen the face of an admissions consulting firm!

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