Duke University : Why is it a Top Choice for MBA Aspirants?

Ranked as the 21s best B-School in 2015 and 2016, Duke University ’s Fuqua School of Business is among the top choices of MBA aspirants from around the world. With promising job prospects even for international students, and a relatively impressive value for money rank, Fuqua School of business is a favourite among those who wish to study business and management with nothing but the top rungs.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider applying to Duke University in the coming year –

Job Opportunities

If your goal is to eventually work for one of the top-tier consulting companies such as Mckinsey, BCG or Bain, you will find that the school has one of the best recruitment programs by these firms. In fact, BCG and McKinsey are partners on the Fuqua board of visitors. While only a few of the top students in every b-school end up securing consulting jobs, in the year 2012, 33% of Fuqua’s graduations were hired into consulting.

Collaborative Environment

Duke University’s business school is known for its collaborative environment that helps students build long-term relationships and offers a support system that often lasts a lifetime. Going by the slogan of “Team Fuqua” you will find that students from this school live by this term and embrace it with much fervour.

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Great Academics

While many other b-schools rely on only one or two teaching methods, Duke University’s B-school takes a holistic approach. First year students have a chance to attend pre-term known as the Global Institute, where you learn how to become a leader of consequence. In the first year, the school offers 5 shorter terms that allows students to pursue more classes from some of the best professors in the world of academics. This means, students begin to take electives way before many other b-school students have completed their core classes.


The school offers an extremely diverse and international background. With 33% females, 10% underrepresented minority students and as many as 38% international students, you are able to benefit from unique interactions, gain new perspective and learn a whole new set of skills.

Am I Eligible to Apply to Duke University?

The school does not ask for a minimum work experience requirement and will consider your post-undergraduate work as relevant experience for admission. Make sure you highlight your professional and academic history and mention how that will contribute to the learning environment when applying. Furthermore, the Daytime MBA academic environment is rather fast-paced and requires strong analytical and quantitative skills. They require standardized GMAT or GRE scores, along with transcripts to make sure that you will do well in the program.

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