Five steps to get off the MBA Waitlist

A waitlist notification can be a tough thing to handle for many students. However, instead of being disappointed, try to view the notification as yet another opportunity. Atleast, getting waitlisted is way better than getting rejected. You can take steps to showcase your candidacy to the admissions committee.

Here are five steps to get off the MBA Waitlist:

  1. Identify the gap in your application – If you have been waitlisted, chances are that there is a small little gap somewhere. Maybe you have a relatively low GMAT score or GPA. Or you do not have a solid extra-curricular activity to showcase in your application. Understanding your weakness is critical if you are on the waitlist.
  2. Now attack the weakness – Once you have identified the gaps, you should take steps to work on these areas. For instance, you may retake the GMAT to improve your scores. If your GPA is low, take up additional coursework and try to score ‘A’s to demonstrate your capabilities in the subject. You can also take up an additional activity to highlight your interests outside the world of work.
  3. Ask for application review – Some schools will be willing to give feedback on the reasons you were waitlisted. Make sure you utilize this opportunity. They may also give you suggestions to improve your chances to get off the waitlist.
  4. Follow instructions strictly – Typically, schools provide instructions to waitlisted candidates. Always follow the specified process. Otherwise you are jeopardizing your chances of admission at the school.
  5. Send updates periodically – Once you have taken steps to improve your application, do send in the updates. Your updates could include your new GMAT score, work updates such as promotions or even newer recommendations. You should also reiterate your commitment and interest towards the school. Keep the communication flowing once every 3-4 weeks.

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