Frequently Asked Questions about the GMAT Exam

1. How do I register for the GMAT test? – Answer: There best place to find all the necessary information about registering for and scheduling the test is – the website of the test maker. Please visit the official MBA website and sign up for a free. Then on the home page you will find a link to register for the test.

2. What time can I write the exam? When is the GMAT offered? – Answer: It is offered almost every day, including weekends, but excluding all public holidays. Available days and times vary by the test centre – check out the ones most convenient for you. If you perform better in the morning, you can schedule your test as early as 8 am. If you prefer writing a test in the evening, some centres offer tests as late as 4 or 5 pm. Please keep in mind, some of the most popular test centres have limited availability, so be sure to book in advance, or – if you prefer to see how you perform on practice exams first – monitor availability as you get closer to your desired date, so as not to miss admission deadlines.

3. How much does the GMAT cost? – Answer: The current cost of the GMAT exam is US$250.

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4. Can I use the calculator? – Answer: NO! An on-screen calculator will be provided only for the Integrated Reasoning section. By the way, you are not allowed to take pretty much anything with you (no coats, watches, books, study materials, papers, pens, food, drinks, CALCULATORS, cell phones, pagers, translators).

You will be provided with a yellow spiral-bound wet erase note-board and 2 or 3 wet erase pens for scratch work. There will be headphones at each computer for those worried about noise; otherwise, all your possessions must be locked away outside the testing area until after you are done.

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