Getting a Profile Evaluation for Business Schools

Are you looking to get your profile evaluated and seeking feedback on areas of improvement before you begin your applications to B-Schools?

Here’s a rundown on the kind of questions to expect while seeking an evaluation:

1. Have you appeared for the GMAT? What’s your score?

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2. How many years of total work experience do you have?

3. What is your current designation?

4. Your exposure to business and management as a whole?

5. What are the highlights of your work? Any specific experience/s that have led to the desire to pursue an MBA?

6. What are your career goals?

7. Your highest academic degree?  CGPA/Percentage?

8. Additional profile enhancing courses or Certifications?

9. What Extracurricular/Community experiences have you been involved in? What are your hobbies and interests?

10. MBA Specifics? (executive/full time/part time, duration, location, areas of specialization/concentration)

11. How are you planning to finance your MBA?

PS: If you already have an MBA/PGDBM, it’s extremely crucial to be clear on why you want a second MBA. What gaps in your knowledge or skills are you hoping to bridge through this second MBA?

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