Getting Ready for Round 2 Admits

It’s Round 2 admit time for the MBA Class of 2017! The Wharton School released R2 decisions on Tuesday, March 24th, and Harvard Business School, UV Darden School of Business, and Stanford Graduate School of Business are just a few of the top schools notifying successful candidates today. Future Chicago Boothies, meanwhile, will have to wait until Thursday to hear the news they have been waiting for from the admissions team.

We want to say good luck and send our best wishes to all the applicants out there waiting anxiously for good news this week; we hope your journey thus far has been both enlightening and exhilarating—and not too exhausting! For those who are waitlisted, or unsuccessful in this round, it’s time to turn your focus to the three P’s: stay positive, be proactive, and above all, persevere. As the saying goes, few things worthwhile come easy.

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