GMAT Math Formulas You Should Know

If you suffer from ‘quantphobia’, you are not the only one. The key to a good score in quant section of the GMAT is to follow the best preparation strategies. There are some topics which are often tested in the GMAT. You should memorize the key GMAT math formulas related to these topics to make sure that you are well prepared to tackle the questions. These formulas will cover many questions in the GMAT.

GMAT Math Formulas that you should know:

  1. Speed Distance Time: Average Speed= Total Distance\ Total Time. Similarly, distance= rate x time. You will see a lot of speed, distance and rate problems in the GMAT. However, the questions will not be straightforward.

  2. Area and Volume of Geometrical Shapes – The area of a triangle ½ x (base) x (height). Any side can be chosen as the base but the height should be perpendicular to the base and go through the opposing vertex. Similarly, area of circle is
    A = πr
    2 where r is radius. Similarly, volume of a cube is a3 where a represents the length of a side. Know the area, volume and perimeter formulas for basic geometrical shapes.

  3. Pythagoras Theorem – In a right angled triangle A2 + B2 = C2 where C is the hypotenuse and A, B are the other sides.

  4. Average – Average is nothing but (sum of values)\(number of  values). You can use this formula for a lot of problems.
  5. Permutations and Combinations – Again, a very important area in GMAT. Permutation formula for n objects is n!\(n-r)! where n is the number of options and r is number of selected options. Similarly for Combinations, the formula for number of combinations is n!\ r! (n-r)! where n is the total size and r is the number of elements selected.

Apart from these areas, you should also know about number properties, basic statistics, ratio and proportions, system of equations, fractions and percentages. It is also a good idea to learn squares and cubes of numbers till 10.

The formulas and concepts listed above are building blocks for the quant section of GMAT. Mastering them will significantly improve your chances of a high score in the math section of GMAT.

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Learn the above mentioned formulas and attempt a few questions.

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