GMAT Preparation Strategies

Acing the GMAT requires considerable time and efforts. Successful test takers plan well and employ the best GMAT preparation strategies. They understand the nitty-gritties of the exam and execute their plans perfectly. Time well spent preparing for the GMAT goes a long way towards getting a seat at your favourite management program.

The following pointers should be kept in mind while preparing for GMAT:

  1. Identify your b-schools and timelines:

    Before taking the GMAT, you should make a list of your favourite schools and their management programs you are interested in. You should decide on a timeline for the GMAT. An year before the program, start keeping a tab on admission requirements and deadlines for these schools.

  2. Get the right study materials:

    With tons of resources available offline and online, choosing the right study materials can be quite overwhelming. Stick to trusted names and most recommended books for preparation.

  3. Make a good study plan:

     The most crucial step of your GMAT preparation will be developing a good study plan. Familiarize yourself with the exam structure and question types to be comfortable with the exam. If you have not touched your books for a while, it is prudent to spend atleast 3-6 months preparing for the exam. While making the study plan, do take your lifestyle into consideration. If you are a working professional, an over ambitious plan will only disappoint you in the future.
  4. Time management:

    Managing time is the essence of any exam. Especially with GMAT, since points are deducted for incomplete exam. Use practice tests with a timer.

  5. Review your progress:

    Practice tests should give you a fair marker on where you stand. Use them to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Spend more time on your weak areas.

Remember that the key to GMAT preparation is familiarity and discipline.

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