GMAT Preparation Tips for Working Professionals

Many GMAT takers cannot afford to quit their full-time jobs to focus on the exam. If you fall in that category, there is no reason to worry. Know that many test takers have entered into b-schools of their choice while preparing alongside their day jobs. While it is easy to imagine the joys of full-time preparation, you have to now optimize the time available for you. Armed with a good preparation plan, you can easily get a seat at a great MBA program.

Here are five GMAT Tips for Working Professionals :

  1. Assess before you begin – You need to have a fair idea about where you stand before you begin preparation. If you are coming back to the study table after a long hiatus, we recommend starting early to become familiar with all the concepts. Taking a GMAT practice test under timed conditions can greatly guide your preparation strategy.

  2. Devise a good study plan – A good study plan takes into account the syllabus to be covered along with the time available. The study plan should be realistic. If you have enough time, you should be able to brush through all your concepts, revise and take adequate number of practice tests. In case of lesser time, you should focus on your weaknesses more than your strengths. You may also need to study more aggressively and strategically to meet your goals. QS LEAP helps you devise a study plan based on your target score. Stick to your study plan as much as possible.
  3. Be flexible – This might seem against the idea of the previous point. However, it is important to be flexible. Sometimes the work pressures can get to the best of us. Understand that it is perfectly fine to take it easy on a hard day. However, make up for it in the coming days.
  4. Take practice tests – A golden mantra you will find repeated for every standardized exam. Practice tests are like gold for GMAT test takers. Take as many as possible in frequent intervals to keep track of your progress. Assess your exam and tweak your preparation strategies accordingly.
  5. Stay motivated – Managing your work alongside GMAT preparation and other social commitments can be an exhausting affair. Keep yourself motivated by visualizing the life after getting a seat at a top b-school. You can also opt for social prep platforms to feed off the energy and confidence that other test takers bring to the table.
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