GMAT Score: What The GMAT Predicts And What It Doesn’t

Fact: Your GMAT Score will help you get into some of the best management institutes in the country.
Also True: Your GMAT score is not the singular marker of success for future management professionals.

Unlike GPAs, which are based on the grading system of each school, GMAT scores are based on the same standard for all aspirants. Hence applicants can be chosen directly as students who can do well in business schools. However they don’t identify individuals who will make successful managers in their careers.

Why make GMAT score a requirement?

If the score is not directly relevant to the success of future managers, then why use it for the selection process?  Now that’s a pretty relevant question and here’s the answer.

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  • B Schools try to maintain the standard of education and value of its degree by keeping the quality of its students high. Along with the tools for success that the institute offers, it decides the value of the management program at the B School.
  • It makes sense seeing MBA degree as a value multiplier; students with drive and talent can make the most of the opportunities offered to them by the institute. The GMAT score helps B Schools choose these students.

GMAT predictions

  • It is generally seen that your GMAT score has a direct correlation to how you will do in the first year of your management program.
  • According to studies by Graduate Management Admission Council, on the scale of 0.00 to 1.00, it has a validity of 0.48 when it comes to predicting grades for the first year of the program.

GMAT Score impact

The test that you study hardest for doesn’t guarantee you success as a future manager. It’s not perfect but fairly good as far as predicting grades for the first year is concerned. So what’s the point? Quite simply, there are many crucial fall-outs of your GMAT score.

  • It gives colleges an idea of applicants’ ability to do well in their MBA program.
  • It reflects on their commitment, as GMAT requires them to work hard.
  • GMAT scores are taken into account when awarding scholarships.
  • GMAT offers applicants opportunity to review quantitative and verbal problem solving skills.

GMAT score doesn’t predict

  • The financial success of a management graduate. Surveys have shown no co-relation between the GMAT score and post graduation earnings.
  • It in no way defines the career you are going to have. In fact some of the leading managers in the industry had below average GMAT scores.

Of course, taking GMAT seriously is important because it gets you into the radar of top B Schools but it can’t be a measure of your leadership and creativity.

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