GMAT Scores for Indian School of Business (ISB)

The Indian School of Business (ISB) is the business school of choice for many Indian and even overseas MBA aspirants. With its continued dominance as the leading private business school in the country, admissions to ISB programs are highly competitive. ISB has two campuses – the parent campus in Hyderabad and a newer campus in Mohali.

Now, as an MBA aspirant you would be well aware that ISB is ideally suited for working professionals. It’s popular one-year Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management is excellent for working professionals who do not want to pursue a traditional two-year management programme. In that sense, this program is along the lines of many European business schools which offer intensive one-year management programs.

Needless to say, GMAT plays a huge part in the admissions process. While ISB has started accepting GRE scores as well, the GMAT still remains more popular among MBA aspirants at the school. For the PGP class of 2018 at the Hyderabad campus, the range of GMAT scores lies between 600-780, with an average GMAT score of 705. The corresponding range of GMAT scores at the Mohali campus are 600-780, with an average of 708. Clearly, there is not a lot of score variation between the two campuses. Also, the GMAT score requirements for ISB are on par with the average GMAT scores at many leading b-schools in the US.

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Just like other b-schools, ISB does not specify a cut-off criteria for the GMAT scores. It’s quite evident with the range of scores at ISB’s class of 2018, with even a score of 600 making the cut. That being said, you can be certain that the student would have demonstrated excellent leadership potential and personal attributes, two key metrics used by ISB during selection.

While ISB places a lot of importance on GMAT scores, work experience plays an equally critical role in the admissions process. While typical Indian MBA programs are usually brimming with fresh graduates, ISB is one of the few schools which mandates a work experience of at least 24 months. The average work experience at ISB Hyderabad and Mohali for the PGP class of 2018 is around 5 years. The work experience range lies between 2-23 years. So, if you want a shot at admission, gaining some meaningful work experience would definitely give you an added advantage.

The best bet for ISB aspirants would be to prepare well for the GMAT, and aim for a score of around 700. The higher the better! In addition to GMAT scores, pay close attention to your application essay, recommendations and academic scores, all of which play a huge part in showcasing your capabilities to the ISB admissions committee. All the best!

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