GMAT Simulators That You Can Trust

GMAT SimulatorsIf you aspire to have a career in management then the GMAT is probably the most important exam you are going to take in your life. The problem is that there are nearly 300,000 other hopefuls for whom it’s the all-important exam as well.

While outscoring other GMAT takers is not really the goal, you have to remember that to get into the best B Schools you might have to score well over 600 in the test. And that’s a task you can achieve by preparing for the GMAT like you were appearing for the GMAT.

What do GMAT simulators help you with?

As a serious and dedicated GMAT taker, you have started your preparations for it way in advance. But as they say, there can be many a slip between the cup and the lip. Imagine the cup to be your exam day experience and the lip, which would have been curled into a smile had you got the score you had worked so hard for.

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GMAT Simulators have been designed to ensure that your preparations are spot on and you are ready for the test day experience in the best and closest possible way. There are companies that also offer computer adaptive tests, which create a realistic experience for you. But the quality of these simulators varies, which is why we have compiled a list of best options for you.

Reliable GMAT simulators

The Princeton Review GMAT

It offers computer adaptive tests that follow GMAT format where right and wrong answers determine next questions. It contains plenty of sample questions so that you have an idea of what to expect in your test.

Kaplan GMAT prep

When it comes to authentic test taking experience, this test leads the ways. That’s partly because of its partnership with Pearson / VUE, the company that administers the exam. It also offers you a wide question bank you can rely on.

Hult International Business School Simulation Test

We recommend this for the variety, including the 20 minute long Micro Test, Mini Test that simulates GMAT experience in half the time, and the Full Test for Quant and Verbal, 75 minutes and 40 questions for each.

Veritas Prep

You are offered 12 practice tests, and a comprehensive online question bank, which has more than 3000 questions. Anyone can access this question bank online, which is a huge advantage. You are given competitiveness ranking, which tells you how your score compares to average GMAT score at top B Schools.

Not only do these simulators tell you where you stand as far as the GMAT is concerned, but also fill you with confidence for the test day.


GMAT Simulators Leap LogoLEAP provides you a platform with over 1000 questions for you to practice. You can select and join specific study groups – related to your country, or the University or business school you are applying to. You can also create your own study group. LEAP is a social platform, and therefore it would allow you to network with top candidates from different parts of the world. You can also network with tutors and admission consultants to help you out at various stages of your preparation. And all this is absolutely FREE. Sign-Up for GMAT now.


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