GMAT Vs. GRE For MBA : Do The Math

It was the reputed Stanford School of Business that started accepting GRE scores for applicants to its much talked about management programs, in 2005. Since then several B Schools have followed suit. They accept GRE scores instead of or along with the traditional GMAT results.

The move makes sense for management schools because they can widen the pool of applicants, which can now include those who are considering other programs in addition to the MBA. It’s also logical since several universities accept GRE scores for PhD applicants. Thus we know, what colleges gain from it, the question is, what do you?

Given the fact that now you can apply to different management schools with your GMAT and GRE scores, it’s time to make the crucial decision. Should you take the GMAT or register for the GRE? Here’s looking at various factors that can help you make the best decision based on your goals and specific preferences.

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  • Money and convenience is important

The GMAT costs you $250 while you can register for your GRE for $185. The difference can seem substantial if you have to take the GMAT more than once. You also need to remember that GRE is conducted in more centers.

  • Mind the language

The verbal section for the GRE and GMAT is vastly different in the sense that your vocabulary is tested in the former, while your logic, grammar and reasoning skills are considered in the latter. Hence non-native English speakers tend to prefer the verbal GMAT test, since GRE verbal requires you to have a strong command over the language.

  • Math matters

The Math section is the big differentiator between the two tests. GRE Math focuses on quick sense of numbers and number manipulation. GMAT Math however needs you to employ a systematic approach to solve word problems. You have to demonstrate your quantitative skills for management programs. Hence if you are up for the challenge, GMAT is the way to go for flaunting your Math skills.

In fact, if you are up for a sterner test that lets you showcase your skills better then you can go for the GMAT. Those looking at Dual Degrees along with MBA might want to opt for the GRE.

It’s sensible to make a list of schools you want to apply to and check whether they accept GRE scores. You can also take free practice GMAT and GRE tests before making your decision.

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