Good GMAT score vs. Work Experience in Europe’s top ten B-schools

A latest insight and study to the GMAT test takers’ data worldwide bought forth a very interesting observation- the Americans are coming — to Europe’s B-schools while the Europeans are staying in Europe itself to finish their MBAs. This growth in the stature of European B-schools primarily relies on the fact that studying in Europe has become more economic than the States. The programs are mostly 1 year, naturally, more pocket-friendly and time saving. However, with increase in stature, getting into a top European B-school has become even more difficult than it was before.

This table highlights the expectations of top ten institutions that offer MBA in the Europe and where they stand on the work experience vs. GMAT score debate. How much will your work experience augment your score and chance of making through? Does work-ex make a difference? If so, how much? If no, how little?




INSEAD (Paris, France)

Considered France and Europe’s finest full-time MBA, this is a fiendishly difficult college to get into. On top of the high GMAT scores they need a candidate to have at least 6 years of work experience before considering an MBA here. 700 or higher

Said Business School, University of Oxford (Oxford, UK)

The top ranked business school in the United Kingdom needs you to have at least 5 years of work experience if you plan on being a student at Said. 700 or higher

IESE Business School, University of Navarra (Barcelona & Madrid, Spain)

With two campuses, this business school has a clear advantage over the others. Another bonus point is, the work experience requirement is comparatively lower here- four years. 700 or higher

IE Business School (Madrid, Spain)

While it is known to give weightage and opportunities to international and female students, this Spanish business school requires nothing short of a five years work experience just to get through. 690 or higher

London Business School

The average amount of work experience is 5 years 700 or higher

SDA Bocconi School of Management (Milan, Italy)

The Italian number one school, much like its Spanish counterparts, requires at least 5 years of experience before one can apply for an MBA. 680 or higher

ESADE Business School (Barcelona, Spain)

With another campus in Buenos Aires, this school in Spain requires a candidate to have five or more years of work experience under his/her belt. 700 or higher

IMD (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Again, one of the toughest in terms of work experience, IMD requires applicants to come with nothing less than seven years of work experience in their kitties. 690 or higher

HEC Paris MBA (Paris, France)

A measly three years of work experience will suffice at HEC Paris; making it the lowest on the top ten list. Nevertheless, HEC Paris is a name to reckon with amidst the global landscape of B-schools. 690 or higher

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK)

It needs a whopping seven years of work experience to get into this school, making it one of the toughest B-schools to crack on the list. 700 or higher


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Good GMAT Score vs. Work Experience in USA’s Top Ten B-Schools

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