Good GMAT Score vs Work Experience Weightage in South East Asia’s Top Ten B-Schools

This table highlights the expectations of top ten institutions that offer MBA in the South East Asia and where they stand on the work experience vs. GMAT score debate. How much will your work experience augment your score? Does it make a difference? If so, how much? If no, how little?

South East Asian B-schools give tough contest to Bschools across country when it comes tot heir work-ex requirement. In fact, the top schools expect very highly from aspirants on both the GMAT and on the work experience scale.




INSEAD (Singapore)

This university has a tough requisite of six years of work experience before you can apply for an MBA. 702

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Considered among top B-schools currently, NUS asks for a minimum 5 years’ work experience from its aspirants. 672

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Six years of experience and a fairly high GMAT score will get you through to this reputed university. It isn’t easy to make through this Bschool considering you need to work on both fronts. 669

The University of Hong Kong

This south East Asian university wants it’s applicants to have decent, reliable experience of at least five years of working in roles which expose you to things you are about to study in your MBA. 682

Nanyang Business School, Singapore

Along with moderately high GMAT score, this business school requires an experience of six years before you can even begin your dream of the coveted MBA. 650

BIMBA: Beijing International MBA, Peking University

This top Chinese business school also, like most others in the region need at least six years before you begin on the MBA route 650

Tsinghua University – Department of Technology Economics and Management

China certainly values work experience when it comes to pursuing MBA in their top business schools. It ensures that you know the grind that comes before hand.
However, it does not specify a certain GMAT score that you need to obtain along with it.

Graduate School of Business, Seoul National University

Slightly lower on the GMAT average scale this school would have you work five years before you join for an MBA. 650

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

CUHK also needs five years of work experience along with a moderately high GMAT score requirement. 650

Fudan University – School of Management, Fudan University

This century old school offers one of the best MBAs but requires their candidates to have worked for five years before they could apply. NOT AVAILABLE


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