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Ever since b-schools started accepting GRE scores, MBA aspirants have had a tough time deciding between the two exams. Both these exams are significantly different, so take time to understand the format of each exam before taking a call. While it is true that many b-schools accept GRE scores, you may want to check with the schools of your choice.

Here’s how the GRE vs GMAT battle stacks up on different areas:

  1. Format: Different exams, different formats. GRE contains six sections whereas GMAT contains 4. While the GMAT exam lasts 3 hours, 30 minutes, the GRE exam is 15 minutes longer. GRE is offered both in computer-adaptive and paper-based formats. GMAT is only computer-based.
  2. Scores – Scores for both the verbal and quant sections of GRE are reported separately on a 130-170 scale. The composite GMAT scores are reported on a 200-800 scale.
  3. Adaptive exams – Both exams are adaptive in nature. The key difference is that the GMAT adapts after every question and GRE after every section.
  4. Quant – The quant section on the GMAT is much harder. So, if numbers are not your friends, GRE maybe your best ally.
  5. Verbal – GRE is more focused on vocabulary while GMAT stresses more on grammar.
  6. Costs – The GMAT exam costs $250 while GRE costs $195.

If your favourite MBA programs accept both the scores, you may want to take a quick practice test for both the exams. This will help you understand both the exams and help you take a call. If you are not really committed to a management program and are open to other options, take the GRE.

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Access free GRE preparation here.

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