Guardian Columnists That Make For Impactful Reading

The Guardian is considered to be the most liberal mainstream voice in the media. The British daily newspaper has stayed true to its values of securing financial and editorial independence to protect journalistic freedom from commercial and political interference.

Today it has grown in presence all over the world and the recent URL change from to shows its intent for International ambitions. It’s huge reputation, brilliant news coverage and emphasis on breaking stories, adds to the appeal.

Guardian columnists who make an impact

But if you see Guardian reports and opinion pieces often shared on the social media, then credit also has to go to its writers and contributors. While its journalists pursue hard-hitting stories, expert columnists weigh in with their opinions that are thought provoking and on several occasions, change-inducing.

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Some of the popular Guardian columnists include:

  • Libby Brooks is the Deputy Comments editor with the paper that she has been working for since 1998. The author has also worked as the Women’s Editor with The Guardian and her columns on politics, police department and society have an ardent following.
  • Simon Jenkins is a name that needs no introduction in the world of journalism. The high profile columnist with the paper also works for the BBC and has edited the Times and the London Evening Standard.  He is the voice of authority on International Affairs.
  • Marina Hyde writes her popular column on entertainment, lifestyle and the world of celebrities. However what makes her writing and columns truly special is the fact that they draw a social connect and parallels that drive the point home effectively.
  • Aditya Chakrabortty might be a young gun with the paper that boasts of several seasoned contributors, but his insightful writing has made him a favorite with many. If you are interested in Economics then he is the columnist you need to follow.
  • Owen Jones is another young and impressive voice from the paper. The renowned author and political activist started writing for The Guardian last year. But his weekly column written from a left-wing perspective has gained huge popularity in a short time.

The Guardian clearly takes its freedom of expression and voice very seriously. It’s reflected in its list of noteworthy columnists and contributors. Following them can not only help you know more about the recent goings-on in the world, but boost your reading and writing skills too.


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