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High Paying MBA Jobs

High Paying MBA Jobs

A GMAC survey conducted earlier this year has indicated that the salaries for MBA graduates is likely to go up this year. This trend is owing to the continued focus on organizational growth. The study has also shown encouraging statistics for hiring this year. This will sound like music to current MBA students. The median pay will also hit the six figure threshold of $100,000.

Most students pursue MBA for career advancement and increased earning potential. Typically, graduates coming out from MBA programs tend to do much better than their peers who have been working with just undergraduate degrees. There are tons of high paying MBA jobs available to MBA graduates.

Thanks to the rigour and versatility that come with MBA programs, successful graduates can work in a satisfying corporate career or even become an entrepreneur. MBA graduates from good business schools are ideally suited for executive and upper management positions.

Some average salary numbers for specific industry types are listed below:

  • Energy – $107,000
  • Consulting – $105,000
  • Healthcare – $100,000
  • Real Estate – $98,000
  • Financial Services – $95,000
  • Information technology – $90,000
  • Media – $88,000

Your salary will depend a lot on the industry you work in. Positions in healthcare, financial services and consulting typically offer high salaries. Sales, marketing and consulting job roles can also offer a lot of bang for the buck. Data Analytics is also one area which is getting interest from a lot of recruiters.

Students should keep in mind that their salary depends on a lot of factors – industry, role, experience, business school, program, geographic location and other such factors. The numbers given above are just average representations. Before opting for a role, make sure that you do a lot of research online, ask around your own networks and through websites such as PayScale.

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