Hitting Wharton with GMAT

The University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) is consistently ranked as one of the top b-schools in the country. Obviously, admissions to the prestigious b-school are a highly competitive affair. Students looking for admission in Wharton should aim to get a very high GMAT score.

For the class of 2016, the mean GMAT score is 728 while the middle 80% GMAT range is 710-750. To be extremely competitive for a seat here, you should try to score in the middle 80% GMAT score range. If you are above the mean GMAT score of 728, you have better chances of securing admission at Wharton.

The school however, does not commit to a minimum GMAT score for admission. It states the following on its website:

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“Our median GMAT score for recent entering classes is approximately 720, but the range of scores of admitted students is very broad. A high score does not guarantee anyone’s acceptance, nor does a low score preclude it. There is no minimum score required.”

Wharton also encourages students from a quantitative background. It further states:

“When preparing for the Wharton MBA program, consider that the stronger your quantitative background, the better prepared you will be to take finance, statistics, accounting, economics, and other quantitative courses offered in our curriculum. We do accept students without this type of background, but we like to see evidence of a capacity to handle these types of topics (e.g., strong quantitative GMAT scores, strong academic performance in quantitative subjects).”

This is a good indication that Wharton aspirants should do well in the quantitative section of the GMAT, in addition to the overall GMAT score. Moreover, the b-school also looks at extra-curricular activities, community service and hobbies. A well-rounded application with a good GMAT score will keep you in good stead for a seat at the prestigious b-school.

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