How Accurate Are Popular GMAT Mock Tests When Compared To The Actual GMAT?

There has been an age long tradition of taking GMAT mock tests before actually appearing for your GMAT. However, the number of tests you take depends largely on the time in our hand and on our endurance. If you introspect wisely, there never is an actual number to these things. Although one must remember to neither take too few nor too many. Too few leaves you under prepared and too many burns you right out.

Comparison of Various GMAT Mock Tests


Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides

Kaplan Test Prep

The Princeton Review

What works? The questions here are on the lines of GMAT and the Guides hone and polish your skills to equip you for the real test. – Six full-length, computer-adaptive practice exams.

– Over 200 additional free practice questions.

While giving you all what you need, Kaplan keeps you away from distractions. The stream lining of the course can feel helpful there.

– Kaplan’s GMAT Premier 2015 contains 1,200+ total practice questions with detailed explanations.

Princeton offers 180 practice questions. This pattern helps you around your areas of weakness, letting you strengthen them.

– 6 CAT practice exams, thorough topic reviews, and exclusive access to their online Premium Portal with tons of extra resources.

What doesn’t? The questions are significantly harder and might give or take away hopes from aspirants using the materials.
While tougher questions can be an asset, they also demoralise aspirants at times.
Kaplan has been reported to have typographical errors but apart from that nothing major stands out as flipsides. There have been problems about organization and indexing reported by the students who use this particular Guide but nothing of great significance been reported as such.
The essentials at a glance Over all, Manhattan GMAT Mock Tests cover the topics in the most comprehensive way possible and helps you keep everything on your fingertips. If you can survive this guide, you can survive the GMATs. Over all, Kaplan GMAT Mock Tests are a good companion for GMAT general questions, preparation and learning but the review parts aren’t as great as Manhattan Prep. The Princeton Review GMAT Mock Tests comes in handy once you have made your way through Manhattan Prep and Kaplan Test Prep. This isn’t the book you begin with. This is the one that helps you cross the final hurdle.


While all of these three test guides have their pros and cons, a combination of Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides, Kaplan Test Prep and The Princeton Review will give you an edge over most of your competitors. Once you manage going through all the three mentioned above, you can in all possibilities ace the test to get that elusive score you have been hoping for.


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