How do I prepare for the GMAT Maths?

The most common question surrounding any preparation is, “Where do I start?” And the annoying answer is, “From the beginning, or, in this case, from the basics.”

GMAT Maths was not crafted to punish you, just to test you. Basic areas include simple – arithmetic, algebra, geometry. The problem with most candidates is that they haven’t studied them since they passed out of school. With the past,the math concepts got forgotten.

Pay time and attention because these concepts will get you far with your preparation.

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“Don’t be afraid to pull out those flashcards on the bus, in the grocery line, or whenever you have a few extra minutes”, says Maureen Spain is a professional GMAT tutor and contributing writer for Varsity Tutors.

Take plenty of practise tests. They will help you get an idea of where you are starting and how much ground you need to cover before you are adept at the Quantitative section. Follow the timing honestly and don’t cheat on it. It is the worst possible self harm.

Go over your tests with a fine tooth comb. Make a note of questions that were answered and those that were unanswered. Check the concepts that trip you over and redo them till you can, with absolute certainty get through that topic mistake free. Spreadsheets of topics you lag in and are okay with will help you a great deal when you decide what to study.

Once you have identified the problem areas, attack it with vigour and work on it passionately. Between you and algebra, you should come out as a victor.

If you are having trouble with geometry or for that matter arithmetic, set it aside and work relentlessly. There is no other way. Find and work on as many questions like those and don’t give up till you can flawlessly do them.

Go back to your spreadsheet and take a look at the problem arenas once more and do them again. Practise never hurts. It only makes your math skills stronger and stronger.

Take tests till you tire off. Then, take more tests and analyse them.

The Quant section of the GMAT needs practice tests more than any other segment.

Half the battle in GMAT Maths is familiarity, so if you know your subject matter well, there’s nothing like it. The key is comprehension, familiarity and presence of mind. And, top it off with lots and lots of practise. Again and again, over and over.

*Inputs from : Maureen Spain, MBA, Duke University: The Fuqua School of Business.

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