How Does the GMAT Support Your Education and Career?


Submitted by Sonia Gastaud, Deputy Head of International Admissions, EDHEC Business School.

Even if you are strong in math or in quants, finding time to study algebra and calculus can be a challenge. However if you’re serious about furthering your education at a top business school, the GMAT exam will be the first step on your journey towards an MBA or other specialized master’s program.

Why? The GMAT exam has proven to be a good indicator on how you will perform during your first year at business school and is now becoming a key element in professional recruitment. For instance the quantitative section of the GMAT enables a selection committee or future manager to assess your ability to cope with challenging formulas.

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If you’re interested in a career in finance, handling complex stats is a must. On the other hand, problem-solving, planning, and measuring skills are essential in business management careers. In this case the analytical part of your GMAT will be highly regarded. Other factors such as your motivation to join a school, career objectives, background, and previous academic performances are as important to your application.

Often students ask me, “what is considered a good score to gain admission at your business school?’” The answer is not straightforward, as every program will have different requirements, but here is a list of recommendations that will most likely help you:

  • Identify whether your dream school has a minimum GMAT score and if so, what aspects are favored (i.e., quants should be higher than X)?
  • What is the average GMAT score for your chosen program?
  • What is the range of scores for your chosen program?

Finally, the key to a good GMAT score is preparation and study. Time and effort will eventually pay off!



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