How Important Is Experience For Pursuing MBA ?

Business schools around the world prefer selecting experienced candidates for their MBA programs. A working professional can have a certain edge upon any fresher due to their practical work experience amassed with classroom studies. Management educators opine that better classroom environment is fostered by a legion of experienced learners. It enhances your learning with practical aspects being attached to every case study for a holistic understanding of the facts.

Top reasons for gaining prior experience for pursuing MBA are:

It Enriches The Classroom Studies:

Most of the business schools believe that experienced learners can create an enriching classroom ambiance. Being professionals, they not only understand the complex topics but also contribute by citing their personal experiences and practical knowledge. Better insights can be developed in a class attended by students comfortable to speak up and share their opinions on varied subject matters.

It Helps To Handle Pressure:

As an MBA aspirant, you may be required to take up and finish several assignments at a time. It becomes difficult for newcomers to meet such deadlines to sustain their admission. But reverse is the case with experienced learners. They know how to handle work pressures and can work on their toes to complete any assignment within stipulated timeframe. It is basically about an attitudinal transformation in the mindset of students with substantial experience.

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Confidence and a Better Composure:

Once you have served in a similar industry for a considerable time of one to five years, you grow naturally into a confident person. It helps to express your opinions and speak up confidently during deeper discussions in the classroom. Work experience also enhances your composure. It teaches you to multitask and sit for long hours while studying and making notes. The module of case study in most of the management schools is developed to stimulate hands-on experience in learners.

You Will Excel With Better Concentration And Maturity:

Being experienced makes you mature and adept for handling failures. Your skills from past employment can be successfully applied to your studies and take you to the top. Maturity guides you to take informed and well-researched decisions while concentration enriches your learning for better outcome.

However, substantial work experience should not be judged only in terms of numbers. Rather, it should implicate the quality of work you have done previously. Candidates with shorter work period may also be eligible for taking up admission in the most reputed B-schools, if they had undertaken varied job responsibilities in this tenure.

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