How Long Is GMAT? Breaking Down The Mystery Of Time

If you want to make it to the top B Schools then GMAT is all you are thinking about. While you know that it is meant to test certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills, it’s always worth remembering that the computer adaptive test is Time Bound.

It doesn’t matter if you are able to solve all the questions correctly; if you are not able to answer them in time you are not going to score. Now that we have established that and accepted the power of Master Time, let’s try and break down its mystery.

So Exactly How long is GMAT?

  1. And that essence in GMAT context is 3.30 hours long. Yes, that’s how long you have to sit through the test to get towards your goal. Of course, like a true trooper you can get two optional 8 minutes’ breaks, which you should definitely make the most out of to replenish your energies.
  2. Let’s walk you through that important day you have been waiting for. It makes sense to get to your exam center ahead of time because you are going to spend some time getting your palm scanned, ID checked and putting your belongings away in the locker. Oh, did we mention, never to forget taking your photo ID and appointment letter along.
  3. As you are ushered into the exam room, and get ready with your supplies, the real GMAT begins. The first section, all of 30 minutes is for Analytical Writing Assessment where you will encounter one topic and the questions will be based around analysis of the topic. Happy writing!
  4. Next 30 minutes, and it is all about Integrated Reasoning. You have to answer 12 questions that can be about multi source reasoning, graphics interpretation, two part analysis and table analysis. Since you are in the flow, you might want to use some reasoning and take the first of your optional breaks here.
  5. Now it’s time for the first long section – Quant, which accounts for 75 minutes. There are 37 questions that test your skills on Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving that you will encounter here. The section includes lots of Math questions but you will not have access to any kind of calculator.
  6. Breathe. You are now at the last Verbal section, which also lasts for 75 minutes. It includes maximum number of questions – 41, and they cover reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction.

That’s it and before you know it you are through your GMAT, hopefully with flying colors.

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