How long should I study for GMAT?

Students often wonder about the preparation timelines for GMAT. This is an extremely important aspect of your GMAT preparation right. Allowing enough room will allow you to revise topics, take more practice tests and work on your strength areas. The more familiar you are with GMAT, the easier it should feel.

When you are attempting to arrive at an answer to this question, it is extremely important to gauge your current preparation level. Are you a repeat test taker and familiar with the concepts? If yes, then maybe you need lesser time compared to your peers. If you are taking the GMAT for the first time, maybe you want to take a quick practice test to assess your knowledge levels and set preparation timelines accordingly.

Before setting up a time table, it is also important to factor in the number of hours available for study each day. If you are a working professional, it becomes even more important. Working professionals should be able to put in atleast 2 hours on weekdays and 4-6 hours on the weekend. This should give you an average of 15-20 hours per week, which should prep you up good for the exam.

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Reports have shown varied statistics among students. While some test takers have given the exam only after a month’s preparation, some have even taken up to an year. Of course, longer preparation has no correlation with good GMAT scores. For some students, three months of preparation maybe good enough.

On an average though, you may want to prepare for atleast three months or more. This is a good timeline since it helps you absorb concepts, familiarize yourself with the questions, take a few practice tests and generally tune your mind towards the exam. If your math is strong, maybe you will get away with a less taxing schedule. However, if your quant is weak, you may want to understand the concepts and do tons of practice problems.

Needless to add, GMAT preparation also depends on your goals. If you want to achieve a seat at one of the top MBA programs, you will need to spend more time working on GMAT. Since the GMAT scores are valid for five years, you might want to squeeze time whenever you have more free time to ensure that you do justice to the exam.

“How long should I prepare for the GMAT?” The answer lies with you, dear test taker!

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