How to Identify a Strong MBA Essay

I recently stumbled across this quiz on Harvard Business ReviewDo You Know What a Strong B-School Application Looks Like—and I think it’s a great tool to illustrate  exactly what makes for a strong or weak answer to some of the most common MBA essay questions.

You know by now that competition for a spot at one of the world’s elite business schools is fierce, so you’ll need to come up with dynamic and compelling essays that allow the admissions committee to find out exactly what makes you interesting and unique.

Take a look at the six essay answers in this assessment and decide whether you think the sample response is weak or strong. Once your answer is registered, you’ll see detailed feedback pointing out the good or bad in each response.

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It’s fun, eye-opening, and helpful, so what are you waiting for? Follow the link above and see how many essay answers you can accurately assess. It may well inform your own essay writing when the time comes to buckle down on those Fall 2017 MBA applications.

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