How to improve a low GMAT Score?

There are essentially four areas on which you can focus (or be aware of) in order to have a higher GMAT score:

1. Basic Knowledge – you need to know formulae in quant, know rules of grammar in SC etc. This is the absolute basic and there is no escaping. No shortcuts, no “tips and tricks”.

2. Approach – this is where you need to internalize a particular method, apply a specific method and know the “tips and tricks” to approach various question types (POE is a classic example that falls in this category).

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3. Mental makeup – this consists of a lot of things including your mental stamina (ability to endure the 4 hour test with unwavering concentration), your ability to remain cool, ability to think on your feet etc. If you have taken CAT or GMAT before then you will understand what I am talking.

4. Overall strategy – this is where you know how to pace your test, know which questions to solve and which to let go, have a general feel of the difficulty level of the questions, knowing how to use the breaks etc. This is an important facet as you might have realized.

All the four points are inter-related and inter-twined, and you need to have a clear approach towards how your prep is honing your skills in each of the areas.

Arun Jagannathan is a member of the Tutors Secret Society on LEAP


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