How To Prepare for GMAT AWA And IR In A Short Time

Given the stakes it’s understandable that all GMAT candidates want to make sure that their preparations are spot on. And that means managing your time smartly to ensure that you score well in the sections that matter the most. The question that arises then is how much time should you spend on AWA and IR prep when the scores don’t count towards your overall GMAT score?

Yes, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment scores are reported alongside the rest of the GMAT scores. But that doesn’t mean you overlook these sections of the test completely. The key lies in arriving at a strategic preparation plan for AWA and IR sections that will help you prepare for them in a short time.

Why do GMAT AWA and IR section scores matter?

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While AWA and IR scores might not be a part of your GMAT composite score, college admission officers look at them with interest. That’s because these sections are devised to reflect certain attributes of candidates. AWA measures your ability to think critically and express ideas and IR is an indicator of your ability to evaluate information available in different formats.

Time Management for GMAT prep

It’s recommended that you prepare for your GMAT for at least three months. Your Quantitative and Verbal scores will make your composite GMAT score, which is why these sections should be your priority when it comes to prep. But it’s also crucial that you spend at least 5- 10% of your prep time on AWA and IR sections.

Tips to prepare for AWA and IR quickly

Integrated reasoning

In this section you encounter 12 questions that you have to answer in 30 minutes. The answers are often straightforward, but reading the questions takes a lot of time. To prepare for the section quickly and smartly, it is advised that you practice a lot of questions with one eye on the timer. You can spend two to three days in all to prepare for Integrated Reasoning section.

Analytical Assessment Skills

To tackle prep for this section quickly, understand the format required for the essay. Mention the argument from the question and the fact that it is flawed in the first paragraph. Second and third paragraphs should explain reasons for the flaw. Using words like firstly, secondly works in your favor. State the flawed argument in the concluding paragraph and offer solutions to strengthen it.

You can complete AWA prep in a day and save yourself crucial time, which can be devoted to the two more important sections.

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