How to score 780 in GMAT?

For many students, ‘GMAT 780’ presents the great chase. After all, a score of 780 in the GMAT highly increases chances of getting a seat at the top b-schools of the country. However, a score of 780 is not achieved through some shortcuts here and there. The wall of ‘GMAT 780’ is breached only with meticulous preparation and smart exam strategies.

Before reading this article, make sure that you have prepared for every section pretty well. This article is not some secret road to GMAT 780. We are assuming that you have prepared decently well for the exam. These tips will help you optimize your section performance. So, here’s how to score 780 in GMAT:

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Problem solving:

After reading the question, always take a look at the answer choices before attempting the question. Some answers can provide easy hints to the test taker. This can save valuable time during the exam. Also, make sure that you do a lot of practice for this section. Once you practice enough, the questions will become more about pattern recognition which can be solved easily.


Data Sufficiency:

The devil is in the details in the data sufficiency section. Read and analyse each statement carefully and you may just find some hidden information necessary to solve the question. Don’t waste time trying to find the right answer. Just see whether you have enough information to find the answer.


Reading Comprehension:

It would be easy to do well if the students followed the basic requirement of this question – Read. Unfortunately, the students are in a lot of hurry to find the right answers. You have to, just have to, read the passage well. Understanding the passage will make it much easier to solve the questions and also save precious test time.


Critical Reasoning:

Critical reasoning deals with strengthen/weaken the argument questions. Typically, the answer choices can confuse the test takers. The folks at GMAT cleverly present choices which may seem tempting but do not conform to the logic of the argument. Select answers which are related to the logic patterns in the argument and ignore those that do not address the logic. Elimination of answers can also work in this section. This section can be solved very easily, once you identify the right framework and model.

Sentence Correction:

One of the easier sections in the GMAT, yet one of the most feared by test takers. A good strategy would be to look at the sentences logically. Stop over-depending on idioms. If you are a good reader, you can easily construct good logical sentences. Focus on important grammar rules such as verb tense, modifier agreement and subject-verb agreement, among others. Remember your basic grammar lessons and you will ace this section.

Practice Tests:

We’ve always recommended GMAT practice tests for good reason. Just like your doctor performs diagnostic tests to identify your weaknesses, take GMAT mock tests to identify your own weaknesses. As you keep taking these tests regularly, the idea should be to weed out your weaknesses and fortify your strengths. Consider this your smartest weapon en route ‘GMAT 780’

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