How to select an MBA Admissions consultant?

Today, at least 25-30% of the candidates utilize the services of MBA admissions consultants. It is observed that business school applicants tend to opt for admissions consultants more than applicants from other fields such as law and medicine. Students can choose from tons of options, right from the big admission companies to smaller admission firms.

If you are looking at an MBA Admissions Consultant, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

Experience – A consultant’s experience is the most important point you should consider before selecting his/her services. Ask consultants about their success rates and her experiences of working with applicants similar to you. Look for solid, documented proofs and references if they are available. Check his knowledge about programs and various parts of the application process.

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Structure – When you are discussing with consultants, keep your requirements in your mind. Based on your own needs, try to see the services offered by these consultants. Service structures vary across consultants. Speak to the head of the consulting firm to align your objectives with the consultant.

Pricing – When you are selecting a consultant, try to sign up for 1-2 hours before going for a larger package. This will help you understand the consultant and his/her ways more clearly. Depending on your experience, you can decide whether you want to continue your association with them. Top consultants can charge up to $300 an hour.

Accessibility and flexibility – Is you consultant available through email or other modes of communication? What are his preferred timings? The best admissions consultants are flexible and help students achieve their goals.

Do not fall for tall claims – The best consultants stay away from tall claims. Select consultants after having a thorough discussion with them. You can also select good MBA admissions consultants thorough referrals or by reading their own blogs.

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