How will Trump affect your college applications in United States?

On November 8th, the axis of the Earth tilted. On January 20th, President Donald Trump placed his hand on the two Bibles, one his own and one that of Abraham Lincoln, and we knew, that the Trump presidency was real. What it would turn out to be was amply demonstrated in the period he was the president elect. “America First” was his clarion call. So, if it is indeed “America First,” where does that leave international students?

Immigration was a big part of the trump presidency and the President has been inconsistent, to say the least. For the first time, a student’s future can be derailed by a 3 A.M. tweet from the Leader of the Free World. It’s a powerful office and a powerful handle that can be used well… well!

The 45th President has made getting to the U.S. tough for students. “Trump has been sending a mixed message on his stance towards India. On one hand, he’s declared that he wishes to maintain good relations with an old ally. But on the other, he has promised to return to Americans their rightful jobs. One can only wonder if the latter will happen “at the cost of Indian [students] jobs”, says Sanjana Rai of

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Joanna Regulska, the vice provost and associate chancellor for Global Affairs at U.C. Davis, was part of a delegation of academics to Iran several years ago. At the time, professors in both places were hopeful that more cross-cultural exchange would be possible.* Now, a tweet can decide it all!

This however does not mean that you do not apply. But, instead it means that you apply with caution. You apply at multiple places. You consider Europe and Canada along with United States. Think about the possibility of peace, security and workability after your college and then apply with caution. That is the key. America isn’t the only option and if it ceases to be one, the world doesn’t come to and end. In fact, it beckons you with open arms.

Germany, Spain, Canada, Latin America are better, cheaper and more secure options. Explore and see what fits.

*Source : The Atlantic

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