Ignited Minds on LEAP: Vinay Kanchanapally – 99%ile in GMAT

QS LEAP is a movement designed for millions of students across the world, who cannot access premium test preparation technologies and learning systems, by providing a free superior learning and content platform. It is our privilege that QS LEAP has already started making a difference to the lives of students globally.

We are proud to present success stories of students who, armed with their dreams and passion to reach for the stars, have achieved excellent scores in tests like GMAT, GRE, SAT & LSAT by using the learning and preparation tools on QS LEAP. We hope that their stories motivate you, and make you believe that you too can challenge the best in the world.

We are calling this series as “Ignited Minds on LEAP” which talks about these brilliant people for whom nothing is impossible. Today’s story – Vinay Kanchanapally

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Q: Congrats on 99%ile in GMAT. Tell us a bit about your background: city, school and college you went to, work experience if any.

A: I was born and raised in Hyderabad and I currently live in Bengaluru. I’m a problem-solver concerned about perils that our kind and our planet face. So, in everything I do, I’ll try to address these problems and make the world more sustainable.
Q: How did QS LEAP help you in the past weeks/months towards your preparation?

A: According to me most of the standardized tests are really expensive to afford, especially if you’re a student and cost of quality test preparation material just adds to the burden. Though many forums and preparatory websites exist, none of them cater to the comprehensive needs of the takers of major standardized tests and even if they do, they do it at premium. LEAP rightfully fills this lacuna by providing quality material free of cost – no strings attached. I consider LEAP to be a social enterprise.

To begin with, it was easy to access, with a great user-experience. The exercises were well timed and there’s always a peer-peer competition, which pushes one to strive harder and perform faster. Whenever, I sensed that I was running out of material to prepare, I had LEAP.

Q: What would be your study/prep tips for fellow candidates?

A: The study/ prep tips vary from test to test and in some cases from individual to individual. From my perspective as a non-native speaker of English, GRE preparation has to be more content oriented and GMAT more practice oriented.

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