Importance of Practice Tests in GMAT Preparation

Practice tests are an extremely important component of your GMAT preparation. After spending hundreds of hours understanding concepts and solving problems, GMAT practice tests offer you the best way to assess your preparation levels and make adjustments to your study routine accordingly.

GMAT practice tests simulate the real world testing environment. They helped you build the endurance required to take an exam of this nature. Moreover, they help you understand time management techniques that work best for you. Score reports give you a very good indicator of your strong and weak study areas.

A low score in GMAT practice tests indicates that you need to work harder to get to your goals. Exactly for this reason, attempting one close to the halfway mark to the GMAT exam is crucial. If on the other hand, you are consistently getting good scores, concentrate on your weaknesses and make them your strong zones before the exam.

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The importance of practice tests in GMAT preparation cannot be stressed enough. Take atleast 4-6 exams to be familiarize yourself with the format. Don’t take too many practice tests, lest you risk burnout. Make sure to take one atleast a couple of weeks before the D-Day. Practice tests will do your confidence a world of good before facing the actual GMAT.

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