INSEAD Launches New Website – Why You Should Check It Out

INSEAD has recently launched new websites for all of its programs. If you are searching for information about the school, it is now easier to find everything you need.

Full-Time One Year MBA:

Global Executive MBA:

What else you can do inside qs leap ?

2500+ Free
Practice Questions

Get Free Access to 2500+ GMAT/GRE Questions

30 Min
Prep Classes

Attend Free GMAT/GRE Prep Classes Everyday

Virtual One-to-One

On-demand online meetings with Admissions Teams for free

Master in Finance:

If you are targeting the Global Executive MBA or the Master in Finance, you still have time to apply for this year.

GEMBA upcoming deadlines

Asia Section Round 4:                     June 15, 2016

Europe Section Round 3:              June 15, 2016

Europe Section Round 4:              September 8, 2016

Middle East Section Round 3:     June 14, 2016

Middle East Section Round 4:     August 9, 2016

Master in Finance deadlines

Round 3:                                              May 1, 2016

Round 4:                                              July 1, 2016

Keep in mind that like most schools, INSEAD takes more applicants earlier in the process than later. If you are on the fence about whether to apply now or wait until next year, or are unsure of the right programs to target, send me a message through my profile or discuss your queries here.

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