Interpreting your GMAT Score

If you are a GMAT taker, there is a great fixation with a 700+ score. While you are at it, it would be worthwhile spending some time understanding your GMAT score report.

The GMAT scores are offered in the 200-800 range. This is based on the quantitative and verbal scores. The scoring for the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section ranges from 0-6 half-point intervals. The Integrated Reasoning section is marked on a range from 1-8.

As soon as you finish taking the GMAT, you will receive an unofficial GMAT score report. This contains scores from the quantitative, verbal and integrated reasoning sections, along with the total scores. If you have opted for the Score Preview feature, you may also cancel the scores at the exam centre if you feel that the result is not upto the mark. If you do opt for the unofficial GMAT score report, you will receive the official scores within 20 days of testing.

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The official GMAT score report will contain your quantitative, verbal, total, AWA and integrated reasoning scores along with percentiles. Percentiles are a measure of your performance compared to that of the other test takers within three years.  You can also opt to receive an Enhanced Score Report (ESR) which gives you a detailed assessment of your performance. Using this, you can rework on your strategies and come back even stronger the next time round.

Interpreting your GMAT score gives you a good understanding of the exam and is key to your exam preparation strategy.

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