Is Listening To Music While Studying Good Or Bad?

As a matter of fact, it depends on your personal preferences but still, there is a continual debate on this point. Interestingly, a lot of research has been conducted on this subject with mixed results. Many studies put forth the benefits of listening to a soothing music during the time of studying. On the other hand, there are some studies suggesting the harmful ways in which tunes can affect your concentration while preparing for tough exams ahead. Let us analyze this point on every count.

Benefits of Listening to Music:

  • Music helps to retain the knowledge in the depth of your brain. Remember your kindergarten days when your teachers recited poems in a rhythm making it easy to grasp for the little minds.
  • It improves attention and memory power. If you are stimulated by some good tune, you can master the complexities of mental math in a much lesser time. Call it the ‘Mozart effect’.
  • It helps to distract your mind away from disturbing thoughts. As such, it reduces anxiety and negativity.

Harms of Listening to Music:

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  • When memorizing things in an order, music can adversely affect your cognitive powers. Notes and wordings can get you confused, leading in a disastrous study session.
  • Listening when studying means that your brain is engaged in two activities at a time. A part of your brain system is allocated to music and it may cause certain hindrances.
  • Science says that you can recall information easily in the scenario that simulates what it was during the time of learning. It is called context-dependent learning and it can be harsh on you if you tend to prefer loud sound during your preps and get a silent classroom during the exam.

What Should You Do Then?

As said earlier, it is a matter of personal choice and level of concentration. If you can train your brain to work with the pace of music, it is effective for your studies. Otherwise, it can be a big distraction. While engaged in subjects that you are already familiar with, music can surprisingly elevate your energy levels.

What Music Should You Listen To While Studying?

This is quite interesting to note that type of tune can have severe impact on your study schedules. Studies say that instrumental music works wonders during in-depth learning sessions while movie scores can keep up your morale. Music with lyrics can be fine while studying math but certainly not so while writing or reading some complex chapters. Avoid high-intensity and loud sound in all cases because it is nevertheless a distraction that you wouldn’t want in your study.

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