LA Times Columnists That Make For A Good Read

The times we live in are interesting, exciting and things are constantly in a state of flux given that the world around us is changing, evolving. If you want to get a handle on the current events and their impact on our lives then the LA Times should be your daily read.

Established in 1881, Los Angeles Times has become the largest metropolitan newspaper in circulation in the US. Winner of several prestigious awards it is the source of breaking stories in politics, sports, entertainment not only from California but around the world.

LA Times Columnists who add weight to the paper

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Pen is definitely mightier than the sword and you won’t get a livelier account of that than through the writing in LA Times. The newspaper invests a lot of time, effort and energy in news stories and reports that have a worldwide impact. Its reporters have gone on to win awards for their coverage of important events in different fields.

But what also add a lot of value to your everyday reading, are the columns you will find in the newspaper. LA Times has a long list of celebrated columnists who have made their mark with readers all over the world. It’s not just their voices and opinions but their high quality writing as well that makes them a brilliant read week after week. Some of the noted columnists include:

David Horsey – The political commentator for the paper has won the Pulitzer twice. The editorial cartoonist has published eight books of cartoons that have gained him further popularity. Whether he is writing about the Olympics or the elections, his column makes for interesting reading every single time.

Meghan Daum – A prolific author and editor, Ms. Daum manages to catch the pulse of the Nation with the columns every time. The column has run on the Op-ed pages of the paper since 2005 and has only grown in popularity in over a decade. Her inimitable writing style brings a unique personal touch to her columns.

Charles McNulty – When one talks of entertainment columnists in LA, Hollywood is what first comes to your mind. But Mr. McNulty has made theatre critique an art form that is relatable to a wide cross-section of readers. However that’s not surprising since he is a doctorate in dramaturgy and dramatic criticism from the Yale School of Drama, and was the chairman of the Pulitzer drama jury in 2010.

Many other renowned brilliant columnists express their views in the newspaper regularly, which makes LA Times fantastic reading material.

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