Last Minute Tips for GMAT

You are in the final stage of your GMAT preparation, about a month away from the actual exam. Some of you may have only started preparing for the GMAT now. What do you do? There are several last minutes tips for GMAT, which followed well, can maximize your chances of success at the exam.

Last Minute Tips For GMAT

First up, for the folks who are only starting their preparation now, take the GMAT only if it is unavoidable. If your college application deadlines are far away and you can afford to wait, why not reschedule the exam. Take the GMAT only when you feel you are ready for it.

For those of you who have been spending some time preparing for the GMAT, you can utilize the last month to do some more focused practice for the exam. Use the time to work on some of your weaknesses and take practice tests. Practice tests are one of the best things you can do in this month.

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For the verbal section, spend the last stage memorizing idioms, sentence correction, modifiers and prepositions. Don’t spend anytime on the reading comprehension section as there is not too much you can do in the last one month. For quant, grasping data sufficiency problems will hold you in good stead. Apart from these general tips, work on practice problems from areas which you are not confident about.

The day before the exam, just take it easy. Be confident that you have prepared to the best of your efforts. Avoid any last minute cramming, browse through a couple of quick concepts if necessary. All in all keep it a relaxed day and sleep well.

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