List Of Magazines To Practice Reading Comprehension On Biological Sciences

Reading Comprehension passages on topics ranging from Social Sciences to Biological Sciences are integral to the Verbal section of the GMAT. You have to answer 3 to 5 questions on the given passages that test ability to comprehend, infer and reason.

While it’s true that any prior knowledge of the topic is not necessary to answer the questions in the passages, students prefer to practice with reading material on each of the topics. And those who do, tend to score well in the section.

Reading plan for practice on Biological Sciences

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It has been noted that a good reading plan should cover all the topics. The reading material you choose should ideally be written in high quality English. For the Biological Sciences passages you can read a Wikipedia page every day.

The questions in the section are based on the content of the passage. So that’s all you need to focus on when answering the questions. Pay attention to what is implied in the passage while choosing the right answer.

Magazines to read for Biological Sciences passage practice

There are some students who consider the reading material on this topic to be dull while others find it more interesting. It’s a bit like TV viewers who either like to watch programs on the Discovery Channel or they don’t.

While watching TV shows is optional, your reading practice is not. If you want to do well in the section your reading has to go beyond the Official Guide and Wikipedia pages. Thankfully there are easily accessible magazines that you can refer to.

Discover Magazine – The magazine’s birth in 1980 was due to public interest in reading material on Science. It has consistently stayed true to its mission of bringing news and features in the world of science including topics of technology, biology, geology etc.

The Scientist Magazine – As the name suggests, it is a professional magazine that caters to life scientists. But it also has a lot of high quality material for all readers who are interested in Biological Sciences. From current research to latest technology in the field; it’s all here.

Biological Sciences Review – This UK-based magazine is published by The University of Manchester. But don’t be put off assuming it’s a highly academic magazine. It offers you readable and pleasantly visual material for practice.

These magazines will help you prepare for the Biological Sciences topic of the section thoroughly.

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