List Of Magazines To Practice Reading Comprehension – Physical Sciences

Reading Comprehension in the GMAT is considered one of the hardest sections in the test to practice for. And that’s because the passages you come across in the test are going to be different from the ones who have practiced with.

However that doesn’t mean practicing for this section of the test is futile. On the contrary, if you work with reading material that is similar to passages you encounter in the test, then the section will be a breeze for you.

Broaden the scope of your reading material

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Let’s face it; not everyone is an avid reader. Thankfully to ace this section of the test you don’t have to be. You don’t need to have deep understanding of specialized topics like Physical Sciences either.

However what you need to do is have a wider palette of reading material to practice with. While the passages in The Official Guide can be helpful, you also need to practice reading magazines with text that is written in similar style to the passages in the test.

Physical Sciences magazines you should read

Yes, Physical Sciences is a diverse and wide ranging topic. Many of the test takers might not even know what it entails and where to begin. That’s why we have made a list of magazines you can refer to for practice.

Scientific Magazine – It is the most popular magazine with Science enthusiasts in the country. It has been around for 170 years and has had renowned scholars including Albert Einstein contributing for it. The magazine is your monthly dose of news, features and columns on everything related to science.

Science News – Another magazine that has been around for decades it brings short and readable articles on new scientific and technical developments to its readers. The bi-weekly is published by non-profit organization – Society for Science and the Public, and is an ideal read for candidates who are looking for crisp reading material.

Popular Mechanics – The magazine is all about popular technology and has been published since 1902. It has 12 International editions that cover features on automobiles, science, technology, and more. Many GMAT takers find this magazine to be more relatable and easier to get through for reading practice.

Besides these magazines you can also make it a habit to read the science section of the newspaper to practice Reading Comprehension on the topic.

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