MBA Salaries for Beginners

Getting an MBA can be your gateway to a highly rewarding career. Regardless of the specialization you pursue, an MBA from a good b-school should land you a decent salary. An average MBA graduate can start with about $100000 if you take into account the base salary along with other perks.

Here are some of the jobs that pay some of the highest MBA salaries for beginners:

Financial Services – Remember reading a story about the rich investment banker? They were not kidding! Guys who can know business, money and its management – investment bankers – can indeed walk away with princely salaries. Financial planners and analysts are also paid highly and can expect to earn around $100000 to begin with.

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Consulting – Yeah, that’s yet another prestigious profile. Consultants advice companies on achieving higher efficiency across their businesses. All major industries and consultants depend on consultants. They can expect a starting salary of about $90000 or even more.

Entrepreneur – Your education at business school has equipped you with the knowledge necessary to start your own venture. If you can launch a successful business, you will not only receive a fat pay cheque but also create jobs. How cool is that! However, entrepreneurship comes with its fair share of risks.

Information Systems – Graduates with an MBA in information systems tend to be paid well. Thanks to the proliferation of IT and increasing dependency on it to drive business processes, this area has become a critical aspect for companies. Starting MBAs can be paid anywhere between $80000-$110000.

Marketing – One of the most competitive streams, an MBA in marketing can land you with a starting salary of about $80000-$90000.

Keep in mind that this is just an indicative list. Professionals such as healthcare managers, HR specialists, data analysts, among others also receive a decent starting salary. Keep into account your own aptitude and inclination before choosing a work area.

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