Meet Our GMAT Leaderboard Toppers!

QS- LEAP (Learn&Prepare with Friends) was created in June 2015, with an aim to allow applicants from across the globe to prepare for the GMAT and other such– all for free.  QS-LEAP emerged from the belief that test prep support should be easily accessible, free of cost, and that learning works best when social. The resulting platform, therefore, provides a community of interacting students and tutors. Since its launch, the platform has supported more than 200,000 students from around the globe, of whom 35,000+ monthly users have undertaken their test prep journeys with QS-LEAP.

On the launch of its second version, the QS- LEAP team collected stories of students who are doing well on the platform to motivate them and use their example to motivate other users. Here are their inspiring stories. Hope this propels you to take your preparation to the next level and be a topper on the leaderboard.

Overview of their scores (first two weeks of October 2017):

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Name Exam Score
Atem Chol Agot GMAT 3640
Achyuth Rao GMAT 2840


Atem Chol Agot

 Atem Chol Agot is a GMAT aspirant from South Sudan, Juba. He is currently working for WS Insight Secure Ltd. as a Disciplinary Officer. He is preparing for GMAT along with working full time. Atem wants to advance his studies in a field that enables him to have an impact on the current global business scenario. His hobbies are reading, meeting friends and relatives, and going for prayers.
Atem says “I am so glad to be part and parcel of QS social media”.


 Achyuth Rao

 Achyuth Rao is a professional from Tirupati, India. He is working as a Programmer Analyst at a company called Cognizant. He wants to pursue his MBA from one of the top university of the world with an aim to equip himself to start his own venture. Achyuth has seen an improvement in his preparation after solving question sets provided on QS- LEAP. He says he is ready to take his GMAT. He is currently reading the following books: GMAT Official Guide, Secret of the Nagas and Joker in the Pack. His hobbies are writing film stories, writing lyrics for songs and blogging. Achyuth says “QS- LEAP has helped me a lot. I solved most of the question sets on QS- LEAP. I am feeling great and confident after attempting these question sets. The ranking system on QS- LEAP always gives me a push to attempt more questions. One word to say about QS- LEAP is “Simply superb”.”

Study tips by our Leaderboard Toppers for our valuable QS- LEAP users:

  • A useful way to begin preparation is to make a list of your weak areas and brush up all the basic concepts in those areas.
  • Make sure to understand the question before answering.
  • For approaching passages, read the passage first, then the question and then go back to the passage to look for evidence, before you choose the correct answer.
  • Read books before and after you approach your daily goals.
  • Take as many mock tests as you can
  • Attempt all the question sets provided on QS- LEAP, by the end you will find a big difference in your score.

We are so proud of our toppers and hope that our other users find their stories inspiring and take their GMAT preparation to the next level.

P.S. Hope this blog motivates and inspires you. You too can be a leaderboard topper by practicing and scoring well on the tests provided on the QS- LEAP platform. And here’s some more motivation – if you are consistent with your performance, you may stand a chance to win a GMAT application scholarship or a paid one-to-one tutoring sessions with one of our tutors. So log-in to your QS- LEAP account and start your practice now to achieve high scores.

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