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Michigan Ross Winds Down 2014-2015 Application Season

Michigan Ross Winds Down 2014-2015 Application Season

The Michigan Ross School of Business plans to make its admit calls to successful Round 3 candidates, but MBA Admissions Director Soojin Kwon says that the admissions committee’s work to shape the Class of 2017 is far from over.

In fact, Kwon explains in a recent blog post that at this point in the game, the team reviews the waitlist daily, and will make offers on a rolling basis as they determine how many spots are available and what backgrounds and goals Ross wants to add to the class.

Although there are always those very last-minute admit offers made in August, Kwon predicts the class will largely come together by  early June. Also, Michigan Ross will host an admitted student weekend in June for those Round 3 and waitlisted admits.

As the admissions committee prepares to gear up for the next application cycle, the director says that they are currently finalizing the Fall 2016 application, essay, recommender and interview questions and aims to post them next week, so stay tuned for that information.

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