New GMAT Features Announced

In a move that will improve the exam experience of GMAT takers, GMAC has announced three new GMAT features. Instituted after speaking to a lot of test takers, these changes are bound to bring a lot of relief to students preparing for GMAT. These new features will come into effect from July 19, 2015.

The new GMAT features include:

1. Removal of cancelled scores from score reports:

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Once these new features take effect, you will no longer see the ‘C’ representing cancelled scores in the score report. Only you, the test taker, will know if you cancelled the scores. This will be effective for all the future score reports sent to schools. However, if the score reports with cancelled scores are already sent to schools, then these cannot be modified.

2. Retakes after 16 days:

An important change in the GMAT is that retakes will not be allowed after 16 days. The current waiting period is 31 days. This will help students who have to follow tight application deadlines. However, students still cannot exceed five exams within a 12-month period.

3. Access your Score Reports with Date of Birth:

Now, you won’t need to use a separate authentication code for accessing your score reports. You can use your date of birth to view your scores.

For students with cancelled scores on their current reports willing to retake the exam, it would be a better idea to schedule the exam after July 19. If you cannot reschedule the exam, then you may choose for schools to not receive score reports before retaking the exam. After July 19, you can send additional score reports which will not include cancelled scores.

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