Popular MBA Specializations

There are tons of MBA specializations available to students. Students can choose MBA specializations based on their career aspirations, job prospects and subject interest. It is important to choose the right course since the curriculum, coursework and experiences vary greatly with every specialization.

Here’s a list of the most popular MBA Specializations:

Marketing – One of the most sought after careers, an MBA with this specialization helps you to learn more about consumer behaviour, advertising and market research, among other marketing related aspects.

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Finance – Students wanting to make a career in banking and financial services pursue this specialization. A degree in this specialization helps you to understand more about financial management, investment banking, corporate finance and other related areas.

Information Technology – IT is increasingly playing a critical role in businesses and more managers are needed to handle the workload. This specialization enables you with skills needed to implement and manage the new generation of technologies at your workplace.

International Business – Today, most businesses have a global linkage. An MBA in this specialization helps you to understand international operations. Successful graduates can have very satisfying careers in multinational corporations.

Operations Management – If manufacturing and production drive you, operations management is your thing. This specialization helps you learn about workflows, vendor management, and other parts of the operations process. Successful graduates usually get employed with manufacturing, retail or e-commerce companies.

Strategy – An increasingly popular specialization choice, a degree in this field prepares you to handle the complex market dynamics at play today. You will learn about market evolution, organizational structures and other important business strategies in this specialization.

Entrepreneurship – Many business schools have broken down entrepreneurship to be taught as a management discipline. A degree in this space gives you the necessary skills needed to set up and manage your own venture.

What MBA specialisation should you opt for? Discuss with admission counsellors. 

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