Quant Basics: Slope Intercept Form

The Slope Intercept form is a useful way of representing a straight line equation. It is written as y=mx+b,

where m represents the slope and b gives the y intercept.

This form is extremely useful for graphical or word problems. It is great because you can use this equation to easily find out the ‘y’ value.

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For example, you can use this equation to find out the equation of a line where some information is provided to you. For example, a line passes through the point (-1,-4) has slope m= 2. You can easily plug this information to find out the value of b (in this case) and get the equation of the line.

Now, y=mx+b

-4= 2*-1+b


So, the equation of the line is y=2x-2

You can also use this equation to find out the slope if the line coordinates are available. You can then use this form to write the equation.

Test your understanding. Attempt a few practice tests.

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